Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Preppers in Newsweek

It looks like we are not alone any more. We "Preppers" are getting noticed. Newsweek has spolighted us in the article listed below. Read and share!



  1. She has 2 kids, herself and her husband and she has spent $4000.00 on a THREE MONTH supply of food?
    Way to NOT spend wisely!
    Can you imagine how much food she could have gotten had she gone to her nearest LDS cannery or even ordered one of the package deals from shelfreliance?
    In the video she is shown going to a big grocery store.And I didn't see any coupons in her hand!
    Does she buy her fruit and veggies at *pick your own* farms or farmers markets? (I hope so, a lot healthier and usually cheaper!)
    As a prepper, I think I would give her a *D*...barely passing.
    (Yeah, I am critical--but I reined myself in...don't even let me get started on her choice of guns!)

  2. LOL. I have to agree. Give me $4,000 and I would have way more than a 3 month supply. It's obvious she needs some lessons, but it's a start. No "real" prepper would let someone photograph their stockpile anyway. LOL.