Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas

Twas the Night Before Christmas Storage

Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the house,
The storage was low,
Not a crumb for a mouse.

The shelves were almost empty,
Oh, what a plight!
The wolf's at the door,
And no money in sight.

All the children were nestled,
To keep warm in their beds,
Hoping that before long,
Their tummies would be fed.

The prophet had counseled,
"Each one be prepared!"
We had procrastinated the day,
Why hadn't we cared?

Thankfully, twas just a dream.
But that didn't matter,
I jumped from my bed,
Making a terrible clatter.

Away to the pantry,
I flew like a flash,
Stumbling in the darkness,
Over the trash.

As I surveyed my storage,
With eyes all aglow,
The neat cans and bottles,
All in a row.

Filled my heart with contentment,
My eyes with a tear,
To think that we had food,
To last us all year.

This feeling of contentment,
And security too,
Is what we your friends,
Wish for you.

So put gifts of storage,
Under each Christmas tree,
Of those that you love,
Is our warmest plea.

Give honey, give sugar,
Give flour or wheat,
Give milk, give salt,
Give something to eat.

And you'll hear them exclaim,
Long after Christmas is here,
Thank you so much,
It will be a good year.

Author unknown

Be safe, be warm, but most of all "Be Prepared!"

Merry Christmas to all my Prepared Household!

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