Sunday, December 27, 2009

2010 Re-skilling/Food and Gardening Calendars For Sale!

I am excited about this. is featuring a new 2010 re-skilling calendars for sale.
The new 2010 Sustainable Berea Calendars are here!
  • Price:  $4/members;  $5/non-members
  • Buy 10 or more:  $2/each
  • School groups/churches:  $1/each for fund-raising purposes
    (min order of $25)
Sustainable Berea’s new 2010 Re-Skilling Calendars are here! This year the focus is on growing food.
It’s easy to eat better, be healthier, and save money simply by growing and consuming more of your own food. Not everyone is born a natural gardener, but the 2010 “Practical Skills for Growing Food” Calendar will get you started with the skills you need to turn both of your thumbs green, make your garden lush, and fill your plate with fresh, organic garden produce.
Topics on this full 12-month 2010 calendar include:
  • Creating your first garden
  • Vegetable seeds
  • Plant diseases and weeds
  • Insect pests and beneficial insects
  • Companion planting
  • Watering
  • Composting
  • Saving seed
The calendar grid includes vegetable-specific planting dates as well as reminders for other important gardening tasks.
With the 2010 Re-skilling Calendar on your wall, you will be a gardening champ in no time!

BTW, I am not making any money on these calendars, just passing along the information to my prepared household.

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