Thursday, December 31, 2009

For your 2010 pantry-New Years Homestead Resolutions

On the eve of a new year, I want to echo the words of a good teacher, Jon, who warns:

Plan on increased prices in 2010. Corporations who lost a LOT want to make it all back in a hurry.

Sugar will take a big jump in price in 2010 so when you catch it on sale, buy in quantity lots for the long haul. It won't go down, only up up and away. South American is cutting back on bagged sugar production and using it for fuel instead.

Look to growing a few sugar beets for your own supply, or if you have deep fertile soil, grow sugar cane and learn how to process it.

Better yet, get 10 or so honeybee hives and learn how to care for them. You'll have your own homegrown sweetener plus some to sell if you want to. And your own beeswax for salve and ointment making.

Learn how to grow and use beans instead of meats for your dinner table. For your health and for your purse.

Make a list this winter for every single thing you eat. Come spring, plant those things in your garden or in your slat house.

Learn how to preserve your garden bounty by canning, drying, pickling, smoking, freezing for your pantry shelves.

Learn something new to help your family, your homestead, and your friends by doing more your for yourself and buy less commercially.

If you must buy, buy local.

Let us all learn together how to become more self reliant by growing, canning, and baking our own and stay away from the grocery as much as humanly possible.

Wishing us each and every one the best start we've had to open a new year.

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