Saturday, December 26, 2009

After Christmas Sales Stock Up

I always love to hit the after holiday sales, especially the after Christmas sales.  Getting those gift baskets for loved ones for next year, or just to stock up on cheap lotions, colognes, etc.  But since my focus has been on preparedness, those colognes and lotions don't interest me any longer.

The after Christmas (or other holidays) sales are the best time to stock up on a good addition to your storage-candy.  Chocolate the comfort food or peppermint, that helps a tummy ache.  Candy is a good source of sugar and it can be stored long term.

I recently watched a video by Wendy Dewitt.  She showed two mason jars she had vacuum sealed on the same date and filled with chocolate chips.  On one jar the seal had leaked and she had a white powdery mess.  In the other jar the chips looked perfectly normal.  She shook the jar to show that it wasn't a gooey mess either.  This jar of chocolate chips had been sealed for two years!

Here's how you do it.  Add the candy to jars.  I like to use wide mouth pint size jars. 

Put on the lid...

then vacuum seal with the Foodsaver wide mouth jar attachment.

And it's sealed!  Easy as that.

This could last for as long as I can manage to stay out of it! 

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