Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Food Storage Frugal - Stock Up Items

Wherever you live, I hope you search your local sales ads to get more bang for your buck.  Sales gurus are saying that this is going to be a good time to get groceries.  I guess people are more focused on spending their money for Christmas gifts, therefore grocery sales may dwindle.  So check your sales ads and find items you can add to your food storage.

Locally, Aldi is a great store and they have their navel oranges for $1.49 for a 4lb bag.  Granted, this isn't something you can stock up on, but you can always make preserves and oranges are a good source of healthy food for your everyday diet.  Grapefruits are .25 each.  This is a welcome relief from the high prices we've seen.

Kroger has their peanut butter $1 a jar.  Peanut butter is a good item to place in your storage, but remember to rotate as peanut butter tends to get a bad taste after the expiration date.  The stock up item for this week would have to be the Kroger sugar.  A 5 lb bag is $1.99.  Around here, that is a good price.  It is even lower than the home food storage center who has it at $2.64 a bag.  Today is senior citizen's day at Kroger, so if seniors make purchases today, they will receive an addition 10% off their ticket.

Sav-u-mor, a local store, has spiral hams, chicken breast and pork chops at .99 lb.  Good time to do some bulk meat purchasing and canning.  Bleach is $1.19. 

For those of you not local, just check your local ads.  Find those few gems that are good stock up items and buy a few extra.  We can build our food storage a little at time.

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