Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Additions to the Prepared Household

With my preparedness efforts focused on the easy fix right now, (gardening) I believe I neglected to introduce you to the newest members of the household, right here on the homestead, our new baby chicks.  

For the past month, we have constantly heard the chirping of twelve little yellow puffs and one little black puff.  I know that thirteen is an unlucky number to some, but hopefully lucky to us.  We have six white leghorns, six reds and one black astralorp.  My daughter wanted a black one.  

When we first brought them home, our Jack Russell, Sweet Pea, wouldn't leave them alone.  She crawled right in the box with them and began mothering them.  It was really sweet to see her adopt them.  She never had puppies and I believe she should have since she had a really strong mothering instinct when she saw the baby chicks.  She would growl at our bull dog, Daize whenever she came near.

As the chicks are growing, we are learning they are pretty resilient, thankfully.  Three of the White Leghorns are looking like they might be roosters, but the others don't.  We shall soon see.  The hens we will keep for eggs.  I understand they lay well and will lay good for 2-3 years.  After that, it will be in the food storage.  The roosters, I am afraid, are doomed to the food storage from the start.  Sorry little guys.  This is tough for me, because I love animals and although I eat chicken, I didn't know them.  However, I know that learning how to raise and care for chickens, as well as learning to prepare them for food is an important skill to acquire.  There may be a day that I can't go to the grocery store and pick up a pack of chicken.  I will need to know how to prepare a chicken for cooking.  Hard fact of life.


  1. My first visit to you blog. Looking forward to keeping up with your post. I am posting a link on my blog to yours.

    Adorable how Sweetpea is protecting the chicks. Good picture of her over them.


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  3. Glad you like the article. Barbara, I love your blog. I look forward to following you.