Sunday, April 25, 2010

International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day May 1, 2010

According to Wikipedia, "Guerrilla gardening is political gardening, a form of direct action, primarily practiced by environmentalists. It is related to land rights, land reform, and permaculture. Activists take over ("squat") an abandoned piece of land which they do not own to grow crops or plants. Guerrilla gardeners believe in re-considering land ownership in order to reclaim land from perceived neglect or misuse and assign a new purpose to it.

Some guerrilla gardeners carry out their actions at night, in relative secrecy, to sow and tend a new vegetable patch or flower garden. Others work more openly, seeking to engage with members of the local community, as illustrated in the examples that follow. It has grown into a form of proactive activism or pro-activism."

I don't know about all that, I am not a political person, but I think it is a neat idea to grow things in neglected places.  I certainly am non-confrontational, but why not pick a spot and plant a couple of sunflower seeds and tend them to maturity.  Of course, you would need to find a spot where it will not get mowed down.  Perhaps my local fire department? 

In honor of the Fourth Annual International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day, I think I will plant some sunflower seeds in my community.  I also want to plant a couple at my mother's grave.  I think I will plant a few at the community garden and maybe even a few in my yard.  (These aren't guerilla gardening, but why not.)   These flowers will add beauty, as well as food for the bees.

The website is

The website says to:

1.  You will first need some seeds.
2.  Leave home with water, seeds and a tool for digging.
3.  Find a sunny patch of neglected, public earth.
4.  Dig a small hole and drop in your seed, cover and water.
5.  Return to keep weeds clear and to water.
6.  You should get blooms by August.
7.  Share your plans, planting and progress in the geurilla gardening community (

Good luck and here's hoping we see tons of sunflowers, with lots of yummy seeds, this summer.

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