Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Local Community Garden Opportunity

Community Garden Opportunity
If you are interested in growing your own foods, a grant program is developing for this summer for a community garden in our area. Families needed. This is a community event. FREE, plus you get to keep the food you grow.
1. 10x500 plot to grow produce on; (possibility of more than one)
2. Plot will be plowed for you;
3. You plan what you want to grow and the plants and seeds will be provided;
4. Tools will be provided on a loaner program. If you complete the program successfully, you will be able to keep the tools;
5. If you grow excess you cannot use, the Farmer’s Market has made an agreement with the sponsor to allow those participating in the program to sell their produce at the market for free.
Also, if you have a son in Boy Scouts of America, there is a gardening merit badge. http://www.usscouts.org/usscouts/mb/mb055.asp
If interested, or you know someone who is interested, please REPLY TO THIS POST and I will contact you for further information. This is a wonderful opportunity. I hope a lot of families get involved.

If you are not local, please contact your local extension office to see if someone is sponsoring a community garden or organize one yourself. www.thepreparedhousehold.blogspot.com/

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