Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Garden Seed Shortages Predicted


According to MSNBC, we could be seeing seed shortages on the most popular garden foods.  "Seeds for what's known as open-pollinated cucumbers seem to be most scarce, but carrots, snap peas and onions also could be in short supply."

So, if your plans include gardening, get your seeds as soon as you can, especially for those listed above.

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  1. Best seed catalogs, but order ASAP, they are all so good (organic, non-GMO seeds!) that they run out FAST!
    Home of Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds--amazing quality, amazing service. I order from them every year and am VERY happy with the quality of seed I get from them.

    Great seeds and wonderful tools for gardening and preserving your harvest. ((They have a soy milk maker I am currently drooling over...)