Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How to Engineer a Debt Free Life

I faithfully follow a couple of blogs and one of them is Engineering a Debt Free Life. http://www.engineeradebtfreelife.com/

A big part of being prepared in today's economy is to save money and you will save money if you follow this blog.  At Christmas, I was able to find a deal on photo Christmas cards because of EADFL.  I got 50 photo Christmas card totally free from snapfish.com.  No shipping!  No kidding.  The only thing my Christmas cards cost me this year was the postage.

Not long after, another site had a deal for a photobook loaded with my photos free.  This "gift" is on my piano right now.  EADFL advised me of more deals than I was able to take advantage of at the time.  They are on top of all the great deals out there.

EADFL also helps you match up coupons with sales.  Again, a great part of being prepared.  I supposed that now that they know they have "preppers" visiting their site, they will probably be on the lookout for deals that anyone who wants to be prepared could use.

So, check out EADFL, they are on Facebook too and you won't regret it.  You will find many deals that will help you save money, more than you can keep up with.

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