Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Food Storage Analyzer on Emergency Essentials

Emergency Essentials or, has an new food storage analyzer that is relatively simple to use.  You add the ages and sexes of the members of your family.  It calculates the calories you need each day.  Then a spreadsheet comes up where you record the amount of various basic foods, such as oats, wheat, etc.  You can also add items from the grocery store.

I was pleased to find out that just in oats, pasta, wheat and flour, I have enough food on hand for 123 days for my family of four.  It also explained the nutritional content, including carbs, of the food on hand and what percentage of the daily allowance.  It was simple to use and gave me a general working knowledge of how much food storage I actually have.  It's a great tool.

Best yet, Emergency Essentials is allowing you to use the analyzer absolutely free and they give you a $10 gift certificate for blogging about it.  For an additional $10 gift certificate, all you need to do is add their button to your blog.

Be sure to visit them and check out their black Friday sales.

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