Saturday, November 28, 2009

Basic Beginning List for Preparedness

I found this list at a website called Preparedness Nuggets.  There is a lot of useful information there.

What I like most about her list is the advice to pray is no. 1.  That is spiritual preparedness.

Maybe this little list will help put things in order. I realize this is very simplistic but to start maybe that's best.
Think in large categories.
1) Pray about everything before, during and after you do it.
2) Water - a source. Possibly storage. May be necessary to invest is a filter.
3) Warmth - depends on your location. Wood, propane, solar.
4) Food - simple, sound nutrition, multi vitamins. Wheat, rice, beans, pasta, bullion, dried milk, powdered drink mix, powdered tomato, powdered cheese, dehydrated veggies, oil, honey, sugar, molasses, salt and other spices etc.
5) equipment - grain grinder, Dutch oven, wind up short wave radio, oil lamps,flash lights and batteries, big tubs for washing bodies and clothes.
6) fuel - your choice - wood, propane, coal, solar, oil for lamps
7) proper clothes
8) spend time learning some basic living skills -- baking bread, gardening, cooking with fire, etc.
9) build a little library of info books.

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  1. Hi, You posted on my blog wondering the source of the 85% unprepared mormons. Wendy Dewitt authored that article so you would have to contact her in regards to the source. Good luck with your lesson!