Monday, March 7, 2011

Off Grid Living at Maple Valley Farms

I ran across a blog the other day called Maple Valley Farms.  Click here to see their site.  Beautiful website, beautiful home.  Ethen Allen furnishings, luxurious bed and breakfast.  A dream really.  I have enjoyed what I have read and watched on their Youtube channel. 

I think that being able to collaborate and learn from each other makes it easier for all of us, so I hope you will check them out.  Although purchasing a 40 acre farm with high-end furnishings and going off grid would be impossible for most of us who want the lifestyle, there are lessons we can still learn. 

I am not a wealthy person and this set-up is a dream that I would never be able to afford.  I think that most of us are trying to homestead while pinching pennies.  I know I am.  Making ends meet and still  being able to do a little at a time is what it is about for me.  I am thankful that Maple Valley Farms is allowing us to peek inside the dream.  I look forward to following them and learning from them.

Right now, Maple Valley Farms is having a giveaway sponsored by Lehman's.  Lehman's gave them some tattler lids to review and some to give away on their website.  Tattler lids are reusable and from what I have read, they seem to do the job.  So, go check out this dream place and enter to win some tattler lids. 


  1. oh sweetie! we are not wealthy at all! our life is run not on a shoe string budget but a TWIST TIE budget! We enjoy making our home beautiful on the CHEAP! you would be shocked at our annual income however the LORD has blessed us abundantly and has taken very good care of us as you can see! Thank you for the complement!

  2. hmmmm...I think you've got Maple Valley Farm pegged incorrectly. They live life with class, taking time to set the table (with hand-me-down dishes), arranging flowers, plating their food so it looks beautiful, etc., but all of this is free. "High-end" living is a state of mind that can be free and is priceless.

  3. I would love to learn how to be able to do that for free. Please teach me. It is beautiful and seems to be out of my reach. I would love to learn how. Thanks for the comment.

  4. One thing I notice she does is she always takes the time to set a beautiful table with flowers or leaves or whatever is current (twigs even) with what she has. The other thing is she utilizes whatever she can for free -- did you notice her "chandelier" -- it's a branch found on the property with lanterns on it. She takes scraps of clothing and makes throw pillows and aprons and covers for furniture so it looks like it's from a custom shop. It's inspiring to me!

  5. dear MJ -- thought I responded to your question but maybe not. They utilize everything they have on the farm (like branches, see their "chandelier"), as well as reuse old things (make aprons, table cloths, pillows from old clothes or old upholstery). Also, they take the time to set the table, arrange flowers/leaves (found for free around the farm), and plate their food beautifully. I think it's a mindset of living in beauty and really finding what you already have and using it in creative ways. Best wishes!

  6. Homemaker Ang of Maple Valley Farms. It appears that I owe you a double apology. I just found your comment today. For the next apology, please go here.

    I will continue to follow you to learn from you. Mea culpa. :)