Monday, March 7, 2011

Spring is in the Air at the Homestead

With a week or two of beautiful 60 degree weather, it certainly makes one feel hopeful that Spring is on the way. We have had our share of snow this past year and even had a white Christmas, which I am thankful for. Hopefully all the cold snow has nourished the ground with moisture and killed a lot of the pests we see in the garden.

I decided to grow a sunflower patch beside the house where it gets lots of morning sun.  Since we don't directly eat the sunflowers, we added lots of organic rabbit poo to fertilize the soil.  Country Boy tilled it in (above).

Main Garden

We also plowed up the main garden and I planted my pea patch.  Nothing is coming up in the pea patch yet, so I have already purchased more seed and plan to replant when the rain lets up and the ground is dry enough.  If plowed too soon after a rain, the only thing that will get it back into shape is the freezing of winter.  So plowing too soon will only ruin the soil until next year and I don't want to take that chance.

My pea patch

In a portion of the yard, nothing, not even grass grows. So I decided to utilize that area as well. A local siding business gives away the pallets that once contained the siding. The pallets are untreated rough lumber, rectangular and are hollow. I am using these to make small beds in the area were nothing grows.

Poor Soil Area
Pallets with Hollow Bottoms
I am going to fill the boxes with a thick layer of newspaper to kill out anything growing.  (Nothing grows there, so that won't be a problem anyway.)  Next we will add soil level to the top of the box.  I plan to plant an asparagus bed, carrots, artichoke, lettuce, and radishes in these beds.  I will update the blog with photos when I get this done. 

Also, we are finally getting eggs.  These are our first eggs.  We get about four a day now. 

We have some new female rabbits or does.  We now have eight does and five of them are expecting.  We will be up to our ears in bunnies before long.  We are working on a "rabbit tractor" and I will update the blog with photos about it as well. 

That's about all that is going on here on Little Lily Acre Farm.  Hope you all are having an early Spring.

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