Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Health or Being Physcially Prepared

Our health is important and being physically prepared or as fit as possible is extremely important.  Others rely on us and we need to do everything we can to not only be there for them, but to not be a burden.  I realize that there comes a time in ones life when despite all they do, they are just not as fit as they once were and rely on others.  There's no shame in that.  However, I am not as physically fit as I could be and I plan to change that.
I have struggled with health issues recently, and one of them being diabetes.  Diabetes is not easily controlled and the medications can be expensive.  While I have stocked up on my necessary medicines (always a prepper), I know that there may come a time when I can't get it.  Insulin is very expensive, not to mention you need a syringe to inject it.  So, I need to decrease my dependence on insulin, and hopefully remove it all together.  I don't know if it is possible, but I am going to try. 

So hubby and I decided to start walking every day and for the last three days we have walked approximately a mile.

My blood glucose was 368 (normal is 70-100) at 9:00 a.m. this morning.  I took my meds, ate breakfast and we began our walk around 10:00 a.m.  It took us two hours and we had a great time.  We made videos and worked around in the yard.  I started feeling like my blood glucose levels were dropping, so around 1:00 I checked it again.  It was 86!  Exercise can do wonders for your glucose levels!   

Since, I hate to waste time and I get bored so easily, we decided to multi-task on our walks. Make a game out of it.   Watch this video for details:

So, we are going to walk daily, pick up aluminum cans and scrap metal to make a few pennies, while we clean up the environment a little. Also, we are learning the native plants that grow beside the road. Can you identify these plants?

Believe it or not, while walking and keeping yourself entertained, you can find useful objects like reels, coal and golf balls.  LOL.  See the video below. 

So get out there and make a little bit of money, have fun and exercise.  Hubby says we are losing a few pounds while we find a few pounds (of cans and metal that is.)  Enjoy yourself and happy prepping!


  1. Great post and good luck with the walking to lose pounds and find metal pounds. We collect aluminum cans and metal as well. We took in 108 pounds of aluminum cans this past summer. As for the plants, the one did look like a wild carrot and the other may have been chick weed but, I am not sure. I will try to look them up to see. I do want to mention that when collecting herbs you should not collect them from the road sides as they will absorb the exhaust from vehicles and other pollutants like possibly the chemicals they use for ice removal, etc. It was told to me by a wild herb collector that you should be at a minimum 100 feet from any roadway and farther if it is a busy roadway. We don't want to be taking pollutants into our bodies. Happy hiking!

  2. (my second try) Are you able to use one of the insulins that come in a pen? I find they take less room to store, and the little screw-on needles take less room to store, so no need for a syringe. I am stockpiling as much as I can because last year during Hurricane Irene, my shipment was delayed and I ran out of needles. I re-used the last needle, which got the insulin in to me, although this wasn't the optimal solution.

  3. I have used the ones that come in the pen and they are very handy. It is wise to stock pile as much as you possibly can if it is safe to do so. Take care and God Bless.