Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Swap & Barter

There have been so many things going on at the Prepared Household and before I tell you about the swap and barter we had, let me update you. 

The garden isn't doing as well this year.  The potatoes have all died out.  We aren't sure why, but they have been sent for autopsy through the extension service, so we should know soon. 

The beans are next on the hit list with the Mexican Bean Beetles eating their way through them.  We are out of the good poison we used last year, so the demise of the beans is imminent. 

Due to excessive rain and moisture, the tomatoes have the blight.  I had to pull up three plants that were just suffering in the muck and gave the rest of them drastic clippings to remove the diseased leaves.  Now they will be susceptible to the sun scald, so I plan on placing a cloth or sheet over them to shield them from the sun as fruit develops.  I am so saddened by the state of my garden.  The weeds are thriving though.  I have been updating on my Youtube channel, so please feel free to check out the vids! 


So...tonight, the Prepared Household hosted a Swap & Barter at my church.  We placed our items on the table and placed bids on items others brought.  It was great fun and we got to bring home something different from what we brought.

We placed our items on the tables.
We began to place our bids.

Then the bartering began!

I was very happy with what I came home with!
The swap was a complete success.  It wasn't awkward and we all had a great time.  We are planning a "Trading Days" in the fall where we will have a "soupbean supper" and do a lot more bartering on a larger scale!  Exactly the outcome I had hoped for.

Watch this Youtube video and I hope you can start something similar in your community.

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