Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Importance of Discretion in Preparedness

I watched a couple of Youtube videos last night.  It was a three part series from "The Twilight Zone".  The Twilight Zone was filmed back in 1959 while our country was first developing nuclear bombs.  It was an age of innocence really.  Rod Sterling, the show's creator stretched the bounds of the human mind at that time.  But the show, "The Shelter", is probably pretty true to what would happen and what has happened in true emergencies.

The show opens with several couples celebrating Doc's birthday at his home.  They toast Doc and tell him how much they hold him in regard.  They tease him about the noise he made while creating his "shelter".  These couples have been friends for years.  Suddenly, the party is interrupted by an announcement telling people to go home and prepare, unidentified objects are heading toward the USA and they think it is bombs. 

The remaining 20 minutes or so of the show, show the uglier, deeper side of human beings with faced with the possibility of death.  Where friends will turn on you.  Watch these three clips at Youtube.

Discretion in your preparedness efforts could be vital to your survival.  In an emergency, others could take what you have so carefully prepared.  So, my prepared household, go about your daily lives and prepare for the worst, but don't share specifics with even close friends, unless you are preparing for them as well.

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