Saturday, May 29, 2010

Our Very First Peas from the Garden

My husband picked peas from the garden today.  Our very first ones ever.  He picked two rows and we still have about a row and a half.  There was 13 pounds of peas.  This is what was left over after he cooked us a big, delicious pot of them.

Since we have so many left over and we still have more to pick, we decided to put them up, but we don't know how.  Does anyone have any advice?  I don't want to waste the shell as it is thick and delicious, but the Cooperative Extension Service for our state recommends freezing if you want to keep the shell.  If you want to can, you need to shell them out.  Anyone have any experience with this?

We also had a few sprigs of broccoli in the Community Garden, probably less than a half of a pound.  We will be trying them out with some cheese soon.  Sounds yummy.  I can't wait until some beans come in and we can have tomatoes, cucumbers, new mouth is watering.  I can hardly wait until the garden starts coming in fully.

Happy Memorial Weekend safe and have fun.


  1. Freezing is easy! Start a pot of water boiling. Put some of the beans into the water and leave them about 2 minutes to "blanch". Then dip them out of the boiling water and place into a bowl of ice water. Let them cool, then put them into freezer bags or boxes. Make sure you label them with the date and what they are! That's it! Put them in the freezer and leave them till you are ready to eat them!

  2. Is that how you do the peas too?

  3. that's how you freeze "most" vegetables. There are a few you can get away with no blanching at all (onions, peppers, breaded okra, I'll have to think up others), but most things you WILL blanch it and stop that enzyme action that causes them to break down. So yep, carrots, tomatoes, peas & beans, corn, squashes,...